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In mathematics, a fixed point (sometimes shortened to fixpoint, also known as an invariant point) of a function is an element of the function's domain that is mapped to itself by the function. That is to say, c is a fixed point of the function f(x) if and only if f(c) = c. A set of fixed points is sometimes called a fixed set.

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Defining a Recursive Function decreasing on one argument with < and another structurally

I want to define a function which decreases in one argument using < and on another structurally. What is the least painful way to do this? Among the many options (Function, Program Fixpoint, ...
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Coq simpl failing to do beta reduction in this fixpoint expression

I have ...
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Is unguarded fixpoint reduction consistent?

In Coq, there are two restrictions on fixpoints to retain normalization: Recursive calls can only be done on structurally smaller arguments, enforced by a guard condition during type checking; and ...
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