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What is realignment and is it useful in non-univalent theories?

This is a very good question. What is realignment for? One application of realignment that is particularly useful is to construct a cumulative hierarchy of universes; what cumulativity means in the &...
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What is the intuition behind the `Glue` type in Cubical Type Theories

I would say Glue types are the "in-between" part of a path equality. For instance, take the Booleans. We can construct a type $$\mathsf{Glue}^i_{\color{brown}{\mathbb B}}\begin{cases} (i=0) \...
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Is there any universe polymorphic version of univalence?

At least in papers on cubical type theory, 'respecting equivalence' is somewhat independent of universes. There is a judgmental notion of paths: $$Γ,i ⊢ T\ \mathsf{type} \\ Γ,i ⊢ t : T$$ The top being ...
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