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For questions that ask about possible improvements of a working piece of a proof. Make sure to also include the tag for the language used, and follow that tag's guidance regarding additional version-specific tags.

General guideline

(mostly summarized from on-topic and how-to-ask pages of Code Review SE)

What is a valid proof review question?

  • The proof to be reviewed should be directly in the body of the question. (Supplementary code/proof can be posted on a third-party site.)
  • The proof must have been written by you.
  • The proof must "work" (achieve the objective) at its current state, to the best of your knowledge.
  • The proof must be a real piece of code that is accepted by the compiler/proof checker without modification.

How do I write a good proof review question?

  • Include what your proof does (e.g. a function to be implemented, or a main theorem to be proven) in the title.
  • Describe the objective of your proof as detailed and, if applicable, mathematically rigorous as possible.
  • Optionally, specify which aspect of your proof you are seeking advice for (e.g. style, best practices, performance).