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Questions tagged [w-type]

A W-type is a set or type which is defined inductively in a well-founded way based on a type of “constructors” and a type of “arities”, with one constructor having a certain canonical form. As such it is a particular kind of inductive type. (from nLab)

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10 votes
1 answer

Can you build W-types out of natural numbers predicatively?

I understand that we can use W-types to encode natural numbers and a wide variety of other inductive types in intensional MLTT. Can we encode W-types using only natural numbers within type theory, ...
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Parameterized Datatypes in a Universe à la Tarski?

I'm wondering, is there a way to make a Universe à la Tarski that models all of the types in an open type theory, where there can be user defined parameterized inductive types? For context, I'm trying ...
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10 votes
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What are well-founded inductive types?

W-types are said to be "a well-founded inductive type" that is parameterized over arities and constructors, similar to a "tree of possible constructions". On nlab, it is said that ...
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