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Questions tagged [usage]

Questions asking how to properly and efficiently use Proof Assistants.

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What are the practical differences between intensional and extensional type theories?

It is already proved that MLTT with equality reflection is equivalent to MLTT with an intensional equality, plus UIP and function extensionality. So theoretically the differences between intensional ...
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.CoqMakefile.d required by CoqMakefile but not generated

I am trying to use CoqMakefile to automatically build my Coq project in Coq 8.15.2. When I did this the compilation failed because a file ".CoqMakefile.d" was expected by make but did not ...
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Debug autorewrite in Coq

I often meet proofs using autorewrite which Coq takes a while to process for some reason. (Setoid rewriting) I then manually figure out which rewrite rules were ...
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