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Use this tag when looking for tutorials relating to proof assistants. See also [learning].

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Tutorial implementation of analytic tableaux

I am re-reading John Harrison's wonderful Handbook of Practical Logic and Automated Reasoning, and he has a rather idiosyncratic presentation of analytic tableaux. What other tutorial implementations ...
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Tutorial implementations of extensional type theories

There are cool projects out there that covers the basic principles of implementing dependent type theories as very spartan proof assistants. These projects helped a lot when I learned about (...
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14 votes
4 answers

What games are there?

A game is a fun interactive tutorial/puzzle/challenge that provides the user with a DAG of definitions, theorem statements, examples, etc. and asks the user to prove all the theorems in this DAG. For ...
21 votes
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Tutorials for formalizing mathematical definitions/statements in Lean

tl;dr: Are there any good introductions/tutorials on how to formalize definitions and theorem statements in Lean? (in contrast to introductions on formalizing proofs) Some background: I am a phd ...
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Finding symbols in Lean

There was already a question here of this type but I would like to ask more generally: If I see some strange unicode symbols being used in Lean, is there a recommended way to find out how to type them,...
38 votes
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What's the "Hello, World!" for proof assistants?

Many programming language tutorials start with a simple program which just outputs "Hello, World!" to the console or another output. For the various proof assistants, is there some widely-...