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A topos, in the context of logic, refers to an elementary topos. It is a cartesian-closed category with finite limits and subobject classifiers.

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Formalization of a model of ∞-category in a proof assistant

I am aware of similar question in MO whose comment nicely lists zoo of possible models and only such models can be formalized. But I have not found any implementation so far which I could use or ...
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When is hProp equivalent to the subobject classifier?

In the definition of an elementary topos, the "object of propositions" $\Omega$ is axiomatized by the universal property of a subobject classifier. In homotopy type theory, we instead start ...
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How to use a proof assistant to reason in a topos?

I would like to use a proof assistant to reason in the internal language of a topos. More specifically, I would like to (be able to) formalise informal arguments such as in Ingo Blechschmidt's PhD ...
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