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Questions tagged [terminology]

For questions about words, phrases and definitions that are specific to proof assistants.

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What's "Swedish" style of doing type theory or proof assistants?

Jon Sterling said Conor McBride's universe polymorphism proposal to be: seems to have worked well in Swedish experiments I wonder, what does "Swedish" mean here? What kind of type theory ...
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What is focusing and how do I use it?

I have heard the term "focusing" with respect to the sequent calculus (System LK) and related calculi like the $\bar{\lambda} \mu \tilde{\mu}$-calculus. What is focusing and how do I use it? ...
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Formally verified email or communication?

This question is contextualized by having an account hacked which is prompting me to move towards something I’ve long wanted to anyway. I would like to consider the simplest possible formally verified ...
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