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Questions tagged [software-request]

This tag is used for questions that ask for software with a certain property or goal, such as automated theorem provers for equational logic. If the question is not specifically for software consider using the tag by reference-request.

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Is there a proof assistant (or an embedding) for the (co)end calculus?

A Higher-Order Calculus for Categories describes a system where you can conveniently perform manipulations with categories, functors, Yoneda embeddings etc. An example of the rules is: $$\frac{\Gamma ,...
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Is any theorem prover able to prove quadratization relations without knowing the proof strategy that humans used?

Motivation In discrete optimization, our goal is often to optimize a function of binary variables, such as: $$\tag{1} {\scriptsize 5 - 3b_1 - b_2 - b_3 + 2b_1b_3 - 3b_2b_3 + 2b_1b_2b_3 - 3b_4 + ...
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Have Hyperdoctrines been formalized?

I was thinking of formalizing them myself for a project if they haven't been already, and I looked in libraries and couldn't find anything. I was thinking of coq in particular because it's the only ...
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Tool for typing mathematical physics, e.g. differential geometry

Many expressions in mathematical physics use a rather sloppy notation, e.g. the Lie bracket on a vector field is defined using ambiguous notation, where $X : M \rightarrow TM$ is first defined as a ...
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Embedding proof assistance in an application

Context Perhaps this is too open-ended a question for StackExchange, in which case I apologize, but otherwise here goes: I have a project I'm toying around with, the core of which is what I'd call &...
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