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Use this for a more general category that includes proof assistants, automated theorem provers and interactive theorem provers.

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Current status of cubical inductive families

I have the impression that cubical type theory hasn't dealt with inductive families yet. But the only source on this matter I can get is this Agda issue. What I've gathered is Agda supports defining (...
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Examples of formalisation of abelian categories

The question I would be interested to hear about examples of formalisation of the theory of abelian categories in theorem provers, and in particular formalisations of things like the zig-zag lemma and ...
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Learning materials for doing analysis (calculus) in a mechanized way

Can we collect (or maybe even write) tutorials and guides on doing analysis in various Proof Assistants? Community wiki style? I was reading Lawrence Paulson's blog (highly recommend!) the other week ...
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Is any theorem prover able to prove quadratization relations without knowing the proof strategy that humans used?

Motivation In discrete optimization, our goal is often to optimize a function of binary variables, such as: $$\tag{1} {\scriptsize 5 - 3b_1 - b_2 - b_3 + 2b_1b_3 - 3b_2b_3 + 2b_1b_2b_3 - 3b_4 + ...
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What provers are using quote, quotations or quasiquotations?

This is a related question to Is there a consolidated or partial list noting the use of quasiquotation with provers? for which it seems there is no answer. However as there might be an answer some ...
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Is there a consolidated or partial list noting the use of quasiquotation with provers?

In checking to see if any provers (proof assistants, theorem provers, interactive theorem prover) make use of quasiquotation I was quickly surprised at what started showing up with a Google search. ...
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