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Artificial intelligence that improves automatically through experience.

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auto-generating the proof of infinitude of primes

The chess computer which beat the human world champion in 1997 had a huge database of openings inbuilt into it. However my understanding of Deep Mind's alpha zero is that it is capable of generating ...
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8 votes
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What are some automated theorem generators? What background logic do they use and what heuristics do they use for theorem-goodness?

This paper describes a theorem generator called MetaGen. MetaGen's purpose is to make larger training sets to train provers, by producing theorems similar to ones a human might select for inclusion in ...
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24 votes
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Successes of machine learning in formal theorem proving

Attempts to apply machine-learning (as opposed to hand-crafted automation) to formal theorem proving are still in their infancy. Still, there have been some successes. GPT-f found some proofs that ...
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