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Use this tag for the ISAR (Intelligible semi-automated reasoning) proof language in the Isabelle proof assistant.

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Picking this and calculation in Isabelle/JEdit output

This is a follow-up to How to write a low-level proof in Isar? Having ...
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How to write a low-level proof in Isar?

I would like to formalize ...
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8 votes
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Is there an elegant way of proving an equality A=B by going in both directions?

I would like to prove an equality by splitting it into a proof in each direction. Is there a more elegant style to start such a proof than this way:: ...
19 votes
2 answers

Why is Isabelle usually not just Isabelle but Isabelle/<xyz>?

For most proof assistants the name alone is common, E.g. Coq, Lean but with Isabelle it is often seen as Isabelle/<xyz>? Why the two parts? What is Isabelle/HOL Isabelle/FOL Isabelle/ZF ...
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Is there a way to use sledgehammer in Isar proofs?

I tried to use the sledgehammer command in Isabelle/HOL (2021) after the proof command, and got an error: Illegal application ...
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