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Use this tag with the proof assistant Isabelle, if your question is specific to a certain object logic please use the corresponding tag (eg. questions specific to Isabelle/HOL should also be tagged with (isabelle-hol)).

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Code generation from Locales and Sublocales in Isabelle

Problem Description I stumbled on this limitation/misunderstanding several times when using locales and sublocales in Isabelle. As a minimal example, let us extend the locale from the example in ...
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Implementing object-logics in Isabelle Best Practices?

I'm patching up Isabelle/Mizar to work with Isabelle2023, and I am wondering what are the best practices for implementing an object logic in Isabelle? (Usually there is great documentation for ...
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Why are modules also rings in the HOL-Algebra library?

We would like to use vectors and matrices (2x2 and 3x3) in a project, and have found the Jordan Normal Form AFP entry (Matrix.thy) which provides a concrete ...
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Disjoint unions in Isabelle/HOL

In mathematics there is a notion of a "disjoint union" in which you "consider" all of the sets to be disjoint even if they are not. For instance, you might want to take the ...
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Referring to a session properly in another ROOT file in Isabelle

This is a follow-up to ROOT file for building a heap image in Isabelle . I have a main directory where my main theory resides. I have a ROOT file there: ...
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Characterization of capability-based security in Isabelle/HOL

I am looking for a formal characterization of Capability-based security in Isabelle/HOL using a set of invariants that "is complete". I'm not exactly sure what "complete" means, ...
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Simple and proper methods in Isar talks about We note a slight difference. In the variant with intro, a trivial goal remains that we need to solve by ‹assumption›....
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