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For questions about proof irrelevant propositions and related annotations. Irrelevant types carry typechecking information which is erased at runtime.

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9 votes
2 answers

Defining coercion for proof irrelevant equality

Say I would like to define coercion for proof irrelevant equality between types. In Coq I try ...
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Why does it matter if canonicity holds for irrelevant types?

Suppose you were to add a non-constructive axiom which only applies to irrelevant types, such as the irrelevance axiom. To my understanding canonicity and strong normalization are defining features of ...
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6 votes
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Why is `--irrelevant-projections` unsafe in Agda?

In Agda, irrelevance is an annotation which marks a parameter, record field, or definition which "will only be typechecked but never evaluated", with the consequence that irrelevant ...
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