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Questions tagged [installation]

Use this tag for basic setup and installation of theorem prover software.

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Using Coq after installation [closed]

I have installed Coq from my package manager on ubuntu. How can I run some basic theorem that I can easily understand its proof with Coq.
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An installation error in "Mathematics in Lean"

I have just started learning Lean 4 using Mathematics in Lean in Visual Studio Code, and I ran into a problem right away. I get the following error message: ...
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2 answers

Coq makefile complains about extension points on Windows 10

I installed Coq 8.16.1 on Windows 10 recently. I have a full development previously written in Coq 8.9.0 on Linux and want to upgrade to this. When I run make, I get this error: ...
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Help with fixing a Coq installation using docker and vscoq

I'm following the logic foundation preface and just began learning. I tried to use the docker with vscoq like the suggested in the book but it didn't work for me and kept asking me to install coq ...
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How to install dependencies correctly? [Cannot find a physical path bound to logical path]

There's this library I'd like to use. The idea is to be able to use this library with Require Import easily in any other *.v ...
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I don't know how to fire up coqtail

I installed coq and coqtail in my computer. According to this page: Im now supposed to use the command CoqStart to launch the plugin. However, when I type ":...
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Error when starting a project in Lean, 'binary package was not provided for 'windows''

after taking a break of half a year I would like to get back to proving things in Lean. I followed the instructions to install a fresh lean project. When I do ...
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Cannot open pixbuf loader module file in Windows

I installed Coq from the 8.15 64-bit installation file in Windows. I ran coqide and got the error message: ...
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How to install Lean-4 stable only?

I followed Lean documentation to install Lean 4 on my Ubuntu Linux (20.04 LTS) using the elan option described there, and updated it to Lean4 ...
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Proof Assistants for Vim Users

I remember the last time I was trying to get into proof assistants, I was discouraged by the lack of functionality for vim users. At the time, it seemed like a lot of powerful features (holes, etc) ...
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56 votes
10 answers

Proof assistants for beginners - a comparison

What is a good starting point to learn about proof assistants? The answer will invariably depend on the area of interest: mathematics (and its areas, e.g. algebra,combinatorics, analysis, logic), CS - ...
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2 answers

How do I install Lean 4?

I want to get started with Lean 4, but I need to install it. The download page links to binaries to download, but I don't know what to do with them. Is there a "best practice" way to install ...
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