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Cubical Agda is extended with Nakano’s later modality and guarded recursion based on Ticked Cubical Type Theory. (from Agda)

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Is there a formalism of "coinductive" data types with negative occurrences?

Consider the following program in Haskell: ...
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How do I work with ints when using coq-of-ocaml for OCaml to Coq conversion?

I am trying to use coq-of-ocaml to convert a simple recursive factorial function written in OCaml into Coq. I have a file which defines the ...
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Are `P x` and `▸ ((next P) ⊛ (next x))` equivalent in Guarded Cubical Agda?

In Guarded Cubical Agda there's ▹_ : Set i → Set i and ▸_ : ▹ Set i → Set i. If I've got ...
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