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A formal language is a collection of words over an alphabet, i.e. strings of symbols from the alphabet, according to certain rules. (from nLab)

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Formalization of partial functions for combinatorial counting

I need assistance in defining axioms for partial functions in total function theory that is available in Coq. Specifically, I'm looking for a constructive definition of a partial function that ...
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Can context-free languages be automatically formalized with Metamath?

In this introduction to Metamath, the author suggests that the $c and $v statements can be viewed as encoding the terminals and ...
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Formally verified email or communication?

This question is contextualized by having an account hacked which is prompting me to move towards something I’ve long wanted to anyway. I would like to consider the simplest possible formally verified ...
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Are there minimal typed proof verifiers that can deal with the majority of mathematics?

I would like to know if there are proof verifiers that can deal with the majority of mathematics (definitions, theorems, proofs with verification), while also having a minimal implementation. I am not ...
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How can you represent a dependent type visually?

So, obviously for a term $t$ of type $T$, I would represent it as: T +-----------+ | | | t | | | +-----------+ That is a node ...
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Does there exists a logical format so that my app can export in that format, and the existing popular proof assistants can take it as input?

I'm creating a "CAS for category theory / homological algebra" in C++ that "supports proofs". Although it is feature creep, I was wondering if there exists a format that my app ...
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Can the language of proof assistants be used for general purpose programming?

Planning on learning lean/lean4, I was wondering if a proof assistant system like lean4 can be used for general purpose programming? For example, can it replace a language like Standard ML? More ...
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