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How do I define a function in Coq with if...then..else behavior?

I am still a beginner in Coq, so perhaps my issue is trivial but I was unable to find a solution by searching the documentation available online. I am defining in Coq the syntax of a programming ...
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1 answer

Inductive types associated to instances of a structure in Lean

I am using the Lean computer proof assistant. I am using the combinatorial structure of a graph with an abelian operation on its edges as a learning example. In it I have a structure Graph. I want to ...
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How do I prove this property in Coq?

I am working on a variant of an example by Christine Paulin-Mohring. It represents in Coq the Needham-Schroeder protocol in the (flawed) public key version. I would like to prove that the protocol is ...
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What are some good (bad) examples of "green slime"?

I know what this roughly is. But when I'm explaining to a friend, I have trouble pulling out examples from my head. Are there any minimal working examples (maybe "minimal non-working examples&...
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What are some "real world" first order logical theories for demos?

I'm working on a tool for first order logical theories. I want to show the tool can work with real world logical theories. What are some good theories for demos? I think I want demos that are: ...
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