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Questions tagged [errors]

Questions regarding software errors during the usage or development of Proof Assistants.

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Code obtained from printing a definition from the Lean 3.46 equation compiler does not type check. Why doesn't it, and how can I fix it?

In the example below, the fibonacci function is defined via the Lean equation compiler. However, there seems to be a problem with the code that is obtained from running ...
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2 answers

Agda: Cannot Instantiate Metavariable

I'm running into a certain error while trying to code something up in cubical Agda, but I can't understand the error. Here is my code: ...
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How do you know a formal proof (mechanized within a Proof Assistant) really is correct?

Running a proof assistant as a user and focusing on a given formal proof, how can one assert that there are no unexpected errors or "bugs" that could invalidate the provided proof? More ...
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