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Coq is a formal proof management system. It is often referred to as a proof assistant.

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When to use coinductive types?

One could define streams in the following manner ...
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Converting between formulations of reals in Coq

While trying to answer more concretely a question on floating points, I tried proving a simple statement using the Flocq library of Coq. However, I got stuck before really exercising it because I am ...
41 votes
2 answers

What are the main differences between Coq and Lean?

Coq and Lean are two of the most common proof assistants out there (but the question of course applies to other proof assistants too). What are the main differences between Coq and Lean? Ideally it ...
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What are the differences between jsCoq and the versions of Coq that can be downloaded?

I found a site where I can use Coq in my browser: jsCoq Interactive Online System. Are there any major differences between the experience I'm getting on this site and the downloadable version(s)?
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