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Questions tagged [coq-mathcomp]

Mathematical Components are libraries of formalized mathematics developed using the Coq proof assistant.

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I want to prove Lemma leq_exp2lp n1 n2 : 0 < n1 -> n1 <= n2 -> x ^ n1 and Theorem Argand : (x^2 + x + 1) * (x^2 - x + 1) = x^4 + x^2 + 1. in Coq

As I say in title, I want to prove two Lemmata in math-comp. At first, ======code====== From mathcomp Require Import all_ssreflect. Section Argand. Variable x : nat. Lemma leq_exp2lp n1 n2 : 0 < n1 ...
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About the use of command Canonical in Coq for mantaining Record Type information

Inside the MathComp book there is the following example of use for the Canonical command: ...
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Problem working with FMapWeakList and Parametrized Records

Consider the following definition of a record R, parametrized over an arbitrary eqType: ...
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Converting Lean formulations of Lemmas to Coq formulation

I want to contribute to the repository MiniF2F ( which has formal formulation of problems asked in Math Olympiads in different languages like Lean,...
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Coq ssreflect - rewrite inside \big

I'm trying to prove the following lemma : ...
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Basics of real numbers in mathcomp (Coq)

I'm trying to play around with the Mathematical Components library in Coq but am having trouble writing basic, concrete statements about real numbers. E.g., I'd like to define ...
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SSReflect tuple constructor: why not use phantom?

I was reading the mathcomp book learning about canonical structures and following along with the mathcomp source to compare how things were done in practice. Specifically I was looking at sections 6....
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8 votes
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Explanation of Coq math-comp repositories

How are the Coq math-comp account and repositories related? Details One of my side goals is to try to keep the tags on this site meaningful and useful. Today I ran into this question: How to prove ...
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How can I prove has_esp when using mathcomp.analysis?

How can I prove the following goal (which I believe to be true) using mathcomp.analysis? ...
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2 answers

How to provide a countType when using mathcomp?

The following snippet can't pass type checking. From mathcomp Require Import choice. Definition exfn (A:countType) := false. (* Fail *) Check exfn nat. Failed with ...
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How to prove `forall m n : nat, m == n -> m = n`?

I am learning Coq with ssreflect. Just to understand things, I've proved forall a b : bool, a == b -> a = b but I can't figure out how to prove ...
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