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Mathematical Components are libraries of formalized mathematics developed using the Coq proof assistant.

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SSReflect tuple constructor: why not use phantom?

I was reading the mathcomp book learning about canonical structures and following along with the mathcomp source to compare how things were done in practice. Specifically I was looking at sections 6....
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Explanation of Coq math-comp repositories

How are the Coq math-comp account and repositories related? Details One of my side goals is to try to keep the tags on this site meaningful and useful. Today I ran into this question: How to prove ...
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How can I prove has_esp when using mathcomp.analysis?

How can I prove the following goal (which I believe to be true) using mathcomp.analysis? ...
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How to provide a countType when using mathcomp?

The following snippet can't pass type checking. From mathcomp Require Import choice. Definition exfn (A:countType) := false. (* Fail *) Check exfn nat. Failed with ...
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How to prove `forall m n : nat, m == n -> m = n`?

I am learning Coq with ssreflect. Just to understand things, I've proved forall a b : bool, a == b -> a = b but I can't figure out how to prove ...
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