I'm new to coq. I would appreciate it if you could help me.

Consider the following definition:

Record person:= mk_person { p_name : t1; p_age : t2}.

How to prove the following lemma?

Lemma person_lemma : forall (p:person)(name:t1)(age:t2), 
    p_name p = name ->
    p_age  p = age  ->
    p ={|p_name := name; p_age := age|}.
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Remember that a records is syntactic sugar for an inductive with one constructor. Your record is mostly equivalent to:

Inductive person:= mk_person: forall(p_name : t1)(p_age : t2), person.

and the projection functions:

Definition p_name (p:person) := let '(mk_person name _) := p in name.
Definition p_age (p:person) := let '(mk_person _ age) := p in age.

One difference is that this way you don't have the `{| ... |} notation, so the lemma would be rephrased like this:

Lemma person_lemma : forall (p:person)(name:t1)(age:t2), 
    p_name p = name ->
    p_age  p = age  ->
    p = mk_person name age.

If you know to prove this lemma, then the same script should work for the record:

  intros p name age H H0. 
  destruct p.
  now subst.

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