How can I implement a notation of the form: ∀ x ≤ y ≤ .. ≤ z ≤ t, φ in Coq?

A similar notation (but without quantifiers) appears here

Notation "x ≤ y  ≤ ..  ≤ z ≤ t" :=
    ((fun b A a => a <= b /\ A b) y 
 .. ((fun b A a => a <= b /\ A b) z (fun b => b <= t)) 
 .. x)
  (at level 70, y at next level, z at next level, t at next level).

But I was unsuccessful in putting forall quantifiers to it.


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There is a binder keyword for binders in recursive notations.

Notation "'exists' x .. y , p" :=
  (ex (fun x => .. (ex (fun y => p)) ..))
  (at level 200, x binder, y binder, right associativity).

See the reference manual for details.


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